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Las Vegas WorkShop: March 20-24, 2012 Hard Rock Hotel – SOLD OUT / WAITLIST ONLY – Advanced hands-on training.

Maui Workship: June 19-23, 2012 Outdoor hands on training




Beverly Hills workshop:

Length: 2 days

Location: Penthouse Condo in Beverly Hills

Date: August 4th and 5th

Start Time: 11PM

I am putting on a very comprehensive fine art nude workshop for beginner and intermediate photographers to learn how to work with gorgeous nude models, How to find nude models, fine art nude shooting etiquette, lighting nudes, locations, retouching professional Photoshop techniques, and of course how to take a great picture.

This workshop includes instruction on:

How to shoot nude models
How to get nude models to work for free
Natural light shooing
Studio Light shooting
Alternates sources of light
Photoshop (post production) will include at least an hour of Photoshop and post work to make good shots great and great shots epic!!
Camera adjustments (ISO, shutter speeds, F-Stops etc…)

Food and drink. A great lunch and drinks will be provided.
Participants may hire nude models for private photo sessions at the models normal hourly rate, either after words or at another time.
There is a limit of only be six photographers for maximum one on one instruction.
There will be 4 gorgeous fine art nude models


  • This workshop will be conducted at the beginner and Intermediate level.
  • You should know the basic operation of your camera.
  • You need to know how understand how to set aperture and shutter speed.

What to bring

  • A Digital SLR.
  • A set of lenses covering from 24mm to 200mm is ideal, but whatever you have will work fine.
  • If you have a pocketwizard – bring it.
  • A tripod/monopod  (optional)
  • Laptop with Photoshop and a card reader.  (or whatever editing software you use)
  • Your enthusiasm!


Fine art nude workshop cancellation policy

If you cancel within 72 hours of the event, you forfeit your deposit and it will not be refunded.

If you cancel within 1 week of the event, your deposit will be carried over towards one of our future events but will not be refunded.

If you cancel before 1 week of the event, your deposit will be refunded in full with no questions asked

If the event gets cancelled, you will of course receive your deposit back in full.


I do my best to make sure that every model on the lineup is reliable, but I have no control over things like health, so there is always a possibility of a model simply not being able to make it.  We have models on stand-by, and tend to overbook models anyway, so there will always be another model to step in as a replacement and allow us to keep a 2 to 1 ratio.  If you have your heart set on shooting a particular model, and she happens to get the sniffles the night before and doesn’t show, you don’t get your deposit back.  Sorry.