Model Information


I am always looking for 3 to 5 fine art nude models for my workshops

Time: Depends on which workshop anywhere from 3 to 5 hours

Location: Penthouse Condo in Beverly Hills

Makeup artist: TBD

Paid: Yes

Nudity: Yes

I put on a fine art nude workshops for intermediate photographers to learn how to work with models, etiquette, lighting, locations, retouching, and of course how to take a great picture.

For the models I will provide food and drink, and I will let the photographers know that they also may hire you for private sessions at your normal hourly rate, either after words or at another time. So there’s an excellent chance that you will get more work out of this as well. Please be relatively tattoo and piercing free. Looking for experienced models. There will be either six photographers, or just me, depending on which workshop it is, and you could be working with just me, or two photographers at a time.

When there is a group you will still be working with me at half of the time where I will be providing instruction for the six students. It will be a fun and profitable day and I plan that this will be a once or twice a month event and the models that work out the best will be invited back time and time again. I’m also in the process of organizing a workshop in Kauai sometime this year as well.

Serious Inquires only. Please be incredibly reliable.