About Instructor

Dan Warner got his first camera at age 7. His love for photography has stayed with him ever since. Now he lives in Beverly Hills Ca, and his published and award winning photography is actually his second career taking a backseat to his work as an actor and comedian which he started in1993.

He has appeared in over 75 television commercials, 25 TV shows, and 8 films.He’s actually been in everyone’s living room most every day for the last lO years, from the most beloved “Installer” in DirecTV’s then famous ads, which landed him on the cover of the “Holly-Wood Reporter” in July of 2000, featuring the escapades of the in-intrepid satellite-dish installer. In the popular TV commercials, DirecTV consumers jumped for joy and gushed all over Warner as the “installer.” In fact Warner’s character became so popular that he shot commercials showing him installing dishes for the NFL’s brightest stars:

Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning, Hall of famer Brett Favre of the then, Green Bay Packers. He also played the loving father in a popular Jiff peanut butter ad showing his daughter how to “fold it the Way his father showed him” years ago. Also¬† playing “Propane” in over 15 different Propane commercials with his sidekick “Electricity” as hilarity ensues While they argue over who’s now doing the daily chores. His television credits include: CSI Miami, Entourage, 24, NCIS,CSI NY, Cold Case, Heroes and many others.He continues to act in Los Angeles and travels when he’s not acting to shoot his favorite spots all over the World.